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Movisports was founded with the mission of delivering our clients comprehensive, end-to-end consultation solutions for sport events, combining expertise, strategic communications, management consultancy and relational intelligence.

Our approach is based on a set of premises that guide and dictate our way of working hand-in-hand with our clients.



  • Gerardo Corral
    Corporate Director

    Over 15 years' experience in large multinational companies in planning, strategy, development and implementation of projects. Extensive applied experience in the sports industry.
  • Juan A. Villanueva
    Director of Strategic Planning and Communications
    Having worked over 15 years in television, primarily hosting and directing sports programs, he has experienced the diversity of sports first hand. "When I began to ask myself what my legacy would be, I made the decision to stop talking about sports and start working in favour of sports".
  • Raúl Chapado
    Director of Project Development and Operations
    He has broad experience in sports facility management, specializing in construction and management, in addition to the organization and bids of major, large-scale events.
Gerardo Corral
Business associate / Director of Strategic Planning and Communications
Prior to founding Movisports, Gerardo, with a degree in engineering, was Deputy General Manager for Madrid's 2016 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games bid. Previously Gerardo was manager at Arthur Andersen and Deloitte in Madrid heading projects for large international companies. Gerardo heads the development of strategies for bid for high-level international sporting events and is responsible for the implementation and roll out of the bids' masterplans.

He is currently heading the technical services project for the City of Buenos Aires in its process for the 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games and for the City of Lima to host the 2019 Pan American Games.
Juan Antonio Villanueva
Business associate / Director of Strategic Planning and Communications
Prior to founding Movisports Juan Antonio was Communications Director for Madrid's 2016 Summer Olympic Games bid. He was responsible for the overall communications strategy including the presentations, speeches, web page, brand image, slogan, concept, videos and so forth. He also delivered the presentation given to the members of the International Olympic Committee in Copenhagen in 2009.

Juan Antonio has a long-standing affiliation to the world of sports and communication. As a journalist, he hosted and directed TV news programs for several Spanish TV networks.

Juan Antonio is a lecturer for the Sports and Media Master's Programme run by the leading Spanish sports daily, Marca. He also teaches Media Studies at several Spanish universities.
Raúl Chapado
Business associate / Director of Project Development and Operations
Raúl specializes in the management and organization of large-scale international consultancy projects and bid for sporting events. He boasts in-depth knowledge of the sports industry, giving him unrivalled insight into sportspeople and their expectations.

Raúl held previous posts as Training and Projects Director and Sports, Operations and Project Director for the 2016 and 2020 Summer Olympic Games Bid. These previous positions have enabled him to establish an excellent network of contacts with the International Olympic Committee, international sports federations, the International Paralympic Committee and with sports leaders and companies from around the world.

As well as extensive professional experience he boasts experience as a top athlete, several times Spanish triple jump champion and Olympic athlete at the Sidney 2000 Olympic Games.

Raúl was Chair of the Spanish Athletes Association (AENAT), founding member of the Association of Spanish Sportspeople (AD), member of the board for the Mutual Society of Sports Professionals (MDP) and is currently Chair of the Spanish Association of Olympic Athletes (AEDO).
Tania Paessler
Business associate / International Relations Director
Prior to founding Movisports, Tania was Director of International Relations for Madrid's 2016 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games Bid, responsible for managing the relations and international strategies with the members of the Olympic family. Previously, she worked as International Relations and Protocol Coordinator for New York Citie’s 2012 Bid for the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. Tania also worked as an adviser for international relations for Istanbul's bid for the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games Bid, as well as Buenos Aires's bid for the 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games and Lima's bid to host the 2019 Pan American Games.

In addition, Tania has worked for several sports companies in different business areas including technology (IT systems for sports events), management and organization, marketing and sponsorships for sports events.



Movisports engages primarily with bid committees and events organizers.
By leveraging our extensive network of global contacts, our specialized management expertise and our in-depth know-how we offer effective delivery of objectives through a tailored strategy developed by our team of leading professionals.
  • BIDS

    Highly specialized in this field, Movisports assists clients in producing the bid specifications study and analysing the necessary parameters to enable decision making, specifically in terms of forecasting the expected costs and benefits.
    We provide crucial advice in decision-making and optimization of the different areas of operation, offering flexible and tailored solutions.

  • Guiding the Bid Committee:

    We place at out clients’ disposal all our experience and know-how in developing the bid:

    • Technical Planning
    • Drafting questionnaires, bid books and the required technical forms for the event's rights-holders
    • Preparation of Evaluation Commission visits
    • Presentations
    • Communications Strategy
    • Operations
    • International Relations

  • Organizing Major Events

    When organizing major, large-scale events it is critical to ensure the best management approach from the initial stages to guarantee operational, financial and social success.

    Movisports places at its clients' disposal all of its skills and expertise with the aim of optimizing resources and successfully implementing the project, always taking into account the project's predefined objectives:

    • Planning
    • Legal and Organizational Development
    • Project Management
    • Budget Management

    We put into play all of our know-how and expertise in the delivery of end-to-end solutions for the organization of major, large-scale events including:

    • Planning and headquarters selection
    • HR and Volunteer Management
    • Accommodation
    • Transport
    • Technology
    • Headquarters operations
    • Institutional relations
    • Hospitality
    • Security
    • Marketing
    • Communication
    • Host Broadcasting
  • Communication and dissemination

    We are experts in strategic communication: promoting bid campaigns, events and organizations. We function as a full scale Public Relations and Communications Office and advise our clients on the best strategy to fully leverage their message.

    We undertake an in-depth analysis of our clients and their goals, with the aim of delivering a tailored communications plan, crafting the right message and getting it to the right people at the right time.

Communications Strategy

  • Corporate Communications:
    • Branding
    • Message crafting
    • Development and strategy
    • Spokesperson training
    • Reputation management
    • Corporate social responsibility
  • Crisis Communications:
    • Risk management
    • Crisis control
    • Reputation management
    • Message crafting
  • Internal communications:
    • Participation
    • Leadership
    • Change Management
    • Intranet
    • Communications policy
    • Internal communications campaigns
    • Corporate videos
    • Newsletters
    • Internal questionnaires
    • Blogs
  • Digital communications:
    • Website optimization
    • Design
    • Positioning
    • Adwords campaigns
    • Social Media
    • Web/Smartphone applications
  • Media relations:
    • Press
    • Radio
    • Television
    • Digital Media
    • Production of videos
    • Video news
    • Live TV
    • Streaming
    • News agencies

Host Broadcasting Services

Representation Services


    We are leading resource for new and existing sports complexes and recreation centers. As sports planning advisors, sports management consultants and sports asset managers; we serve private developers, government agencies, educational institutions, resort destinations, faithbased organizations, and a wide range of retail and real estate developers. Movisports provides planning, management, and optimization services to private and publically funded clients. We offer services to indoor and outdoor multisport and recreation center developments.

    Movisports provides services to new and existing sport and recreation center operators. Our services fall into 3 main categories:

    • Plan
    • Manage
    • Optimize

    Which encompass business plans, feasibility studies, marketing and management systems for sport and recreation centers.


During the planning and design stage, Movisports provides strategic planning, design consultation, feasibility studies, program recommendations, and management expertise.


Our clients will receive much more than advice and wisdom. With a full-time research and planning team and sports center consultants, Movisports is unmatched in our ability to provide with the documents, resources, plans, and other deliverables that are necessary for turning ideas into reality.

  • Plan
  • Facility management and operations services
  • Feasibility and market studies for recreation centers and sports facilities
  • Economic impact studies for community recreation and sports complexes
  • Business plans for sports complexes and recreation centers
  • Sports complex and mixed use master plan, program and design consultation

    Economic development entities, government agencies and sports commissioners regularly engage Movisports. We provide sport based strategic planning. The goal of our economic development clients is to develop sports tourism destinations that have a positive economic impact. These developments frequently include tournament and spectator sports venues.


    For existing facility owners and recreation center operators, Movisports offers a suite of services to address your most important strategic opportunities and your biggest challenges.


    Our experts work in partnership with international and local architects to develop a dynamic master plan for bids and Organizing Committees, that combines vision with a robust technical plan; creating a master plan that works logistically and shows the host city / country off to its best advantage; managing the overlay requirements; and to leave a lasting legacy once the event is over, both in terms of sporting facilities, and for the city / country itself. Movisports provides the key design, construction and functional operating concepts for the planning of venues for mega sport events. These planning principles define the general and consistent levels of services to be provided to clients and service partners that impact venue design.



    The Movisports team boasts hands-on, practical experience working for the following institutions:
    Other projects
    The City of Madrid's bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.
    Members of the Movisports team managed all of the bid’s internal departments including: Communications and Promotion, Sports and Projects, Operations, International Relations, Finance, Marketing and Sponsorships.
    • To comply with the requirements set by the International Olympic Committee.
    • Put in place the operational capabilities required to satisfy the expectations of the members of the IOC.
    • Win the bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics
    • Definition and roll out of the strategies, procedures, budget and policies for the bid.
    • Coordination and drafting of documents and materials required by the IOC.
    • Definition and roll out of the bid city's communications strategy.
    • Logistical organization of the IOC Assessment Committee's visit to Madrid.
    • International Relations strategy to fully engage the members of the IOC.
    • General management of the bid city's final delegation to Copenhagen.
    End Result
    • Madrid was runner-up to host the 2016 Summer Olympics.